TS Reincarnation to sub heroine c 17 "Confession"

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C 17 "Confession."

It is one milestone turn.

As it is, I will explain what happened now.

─ ─ ─ ─ The fact that a girl I like is asking for a kiss without any context.

that. that? Ooooo! What?

Let's organize the situation.

When we first returned to the hideout, assassins were lurking. To protect the weak Fio against the imminent threat. I guarded her from the assassin and confirmed that the assassins went away.

Why does Fio purpose a kiss? It does not make sense to me.

Her breath warms and moistens my nostrils. I hugged her shoulder, the maneuvering, arms and legs kept down. I was detaining her on the sofa in the living room of the hideout, just two people here.

"I do not like it suddenly ... Because I knew ... At least the first is ..."

While shaking her eyes, Fio looks up at my face as if begging. When our eyes meet, Her face is dyed red.

The girl who heard my confession is in the posture of being covered by me, and was stuck, and does not put eyes on shyly.

Now that I have recognized this, I have finally understood a part of the situation. Yes, I see.

Fio closes her eyes silently and is waiting for something. I do not show resistance, I've left my body to the best by surpassing the power of my whole body.

Of course. Look at the current state objectively! It is pressed down by a man, confessed, gazing at eyes. This situation, there is nothing other than a night crawl. Besides, I was too aggressive.

What should I do? What shall I do?

It is a rape act which cannot be completely requested. I do not worry about her intention, I lie down with power, it is a dead man who pressed the act.

Even if I make a mistake, I cannot afford to attack her like this. No, I did not mean to hit it in the first place, I just tried to protect her in preparation for an unknown foreign enemy. I did not aim at it becoming this situation.

If so, then I can tell it to Fio properly. I also do not have to commit a new crime, Fio also ....

Then, I noticed at last.

Speaking of such a thing, does not Fio who decided to prepare so far will be ashamed?

Yes, I'm sure I will hurt Fio 's pride.

Whether the young guy in that village also said that they should not be ashamed of women in any situation. Somehow, is there any way to put this place in?

... First of all, Fio's behavior seems inexplicable. Will she easily approve of being pressed by a man? Actually, is this Fio's trap? Yes, it must be.

The moment when I closed my eyes according to a kiss, it seems that her whole body fly comes. Fio is a very wise woman. It may be that she requested a kiss suddenly, because that aim was there. I'll be fine and become a sex offender, but she won't get hurt.

Still, it is better than hurting Fio. If I finish watching idiots, that is OK.

"Close your eyes Fio, let's lay your lips."

Properly open both hands of Fio. If that comes to mind, Fio will relax her power so that she can get out of my arm and Suli soon.

And I prepare for the shock, keep my eyes closed, slowly bring my face to Fio, in preparation for the shock.

The face Slapping of a little while ago by Fio is... was very painful. It is not a physical pain, but my heart hurts.

  • · · But I was prepared for it. Come, if you come.

─ ─ ─ From Fio there was not any resistance.

Eventually she will seek out my mouth like greedy. Fio herself, turns her hand to my neck. Looking at it, it turned into an ecstatic expression.


You, Hey, Fio. Is not Binta still?

Her kiss is dense and intense. No good, it is so much smoke would come and horny.

Unbearably, once I release my face with Fio, I will breath. Is Fio serious? Oh, what's going on?

"Yeah, more ..."

She dyed her cheeks and slimmed her eyes. She turned her hands around my neck and asked for lips again. Saliva pulls the string and makes the lips shine gorgeously. The expression of Fio was full of pleasure and relief that I had never seen.

─ ─ ─ ─ Ah, she seems to really like a kiss.

As I am amazed, she's clinging to me intensely, seeing her mouth, did not look like acting. Fio was purely seeking to kiss with me.

The tongue and the tongue are tangled together, and for several seconds breathing stops and her oral cavity gets greedy. In such actions of me, Fio is not disgusted and it is rather a gesture that is somewhat amenable. I will hold her head in both hands and will not let go.

Obviously, she was estrus.

──── Then let's take responsibility. I decided in belly.

You can keep doing so far and leave the distance to Fio unclear any longer.

That's it. Until now, my feelings of embracing her as gas's influence or behavior as being too rash were not pure things.

This time as well. She was swept away, she did not listen to her reply, she just pressed for physical relationship. Surely, even if this morning greets this way, it will remain a delicate distance feeling with her.

I did not want to have any relationship with her after being swept this way. We happened to have an intruder, and she mistakenly accepted me to hold her.

Because I think it will be different.

"Fio, listen, now I will hold you."


"I love you Fio. I do not want to hand you over to anyone."


"So, from today, turn to me Fio."

Tell the feelings properly. I want to face Fio properly.


She kept her eyes as usual.

It was my confession that she nodded firmly.

The time from there was exactly heaven. I did not show anything disgusting, and Fio fell into the wave of pleasure with me. I will enjoy Fio's strength as she does not sleep alone this time.

That seems to be a mistake. She must be a girl who was originally quiet. Bright, usually, to have cheerfully behaved, it would be her appearance choice but it also faking. However, a sweet and spoiled girl who is surely in front of me is also her nature.

From here on, it was just time for two people.

I wonder what was the dish of the day. Fio with a truly embarrassing look that seems impossible from usual. She was shaking the body just now for me, in front of me ─ ─ ─

Ton, Ton.

I will keep my eyes open as I heard the birds that birds outside the hideout, as the sound of that bell.

"···I see."

The morning sun fills the room with a glow and illuminates a girl's annoying nude. On my sofa in the living room, my consciousness awoke while feeling a faint heat source.

I put her head on my shoulder, clinging to her body and watching the happy Fio who is sleeping. I recall the event of yesterday again, and the mouth loosens unintentionally.

Apparently, it seemed that my first lover was made through me twice.

I gently touched her sleepless blond hair, I decided to wait for her to awake up comfortably. This time of nothing was very happy.